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Year 2013

Sofa 2.0

Technology is changing us, our lives, our activities and our behaviors, but our homes are falling behind. In the beginning, the living room was created for receiving guests and having conversations. Then the TV came, changing the way to use the living room. In these times we are surrounded with technology, but our living rooms are not providing us with the complete comfort we need, considering our new behaviors and activites. Space-saving is also becoming an increasing concern in modern homes.

The design of Sofa 2.0 gives the living room a new revival and a more dynamic use, providing you with a place for facebooking on your tablet, working on your laptop, reading a book or just watching TV while you are having dinner. Sofa 2.0 gives you the possibility to use your living room as your basecamp.
It's flexible design fits any living room regardless of size, and Sofa 2.0 is easy to assemble at home.

The colors chosen for Sofa 2.0 are inspired by the color's combination used by the Andean people of Peru in there customs. All colors are extracted of natural resources as vegetables, minerals or insects. The purpose to combine traditional colors and techniques, with the concept of furniture that supports new technologies and behaviors is for creating a language where modernity meets tradition, instead of going through new materials, it goes back to the roots, and showing that modernity and tradition can always go together.

Concept looking for a producer.

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