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Moritz Grundel is a peruvian Industrial Designer settled in Italy since 2011. He has 8+ Years professional experience in a wide range of products within diverse categories, from small scale handcrafted objects to established global companies in the areas of Furniture,Consumer Electronics and Packaging.

His multicultural background in conjunction with Italian's design approach and European high-tech development give him a particular point of view where emotion and function takes form through technical language, with the objective to fulfill the gap between human and  his surroundings, using user-centered design approaches to create a real value adding as well   business value.

After a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design + M.Sc in Product Design,and a continuous labor always related to Industry & handcraft, his skills and creative thinking together with a highly driven personality, led him to begin a collaboration with arq. Antonio Citterio since 2013.

From 2016 he began also to collaborate together with others studios as an independent consultant.

Furniture Design, Product Design, Industrial Design, Strategy Design, Art direction, Design thinking,Product Brand Language Identity, Colour- Material-Finish Selection, Presentations + Communication

foto mia.jpg

Birthday: 09/02/1984

Nacionality: Peruvian/German
Adress: Piazza Petazzi 30, Milano. Italy
Phone: 333-7312105

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