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Year 2011


Mural de Expressao is a lighting project focused in Favela Rochina, Rio de Janeiro. The objective is to give the children a better environment  and new motivations in their lives, instead of having the motivation to become drug dealers. MURAL DE EXPRESSAO uses the necessity of  public lights plus the lack of motivation and expression of the new generations in the favela,  through graffiti.


The panel comes with a “3m anti-graffiti film” where the young people can draw on it and then can exchange the layer with a new one. Then they can sell   their paintings or make exhibitions around the world, so they will not only gain money but also recognition and fame. So young artist can have a solid motivation for doing this.(Favela's graffiti artists are well known around the world).

It involves a complete plan  co-working with the people of favela Rochina.

Project developed in SPD in a workshop with Huub Ubbens

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