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Year 2008

Audi e-R1

The population density increases every year and with it, the purchase of light vehicles. This has lead to traffic problems in big cities, millionaire investments, and projects in transit infrastructure, occupying more space and more resources in transportation. In the year 2018 cities will have reached a limit based on the number of automobiles per square meter, will be no more space to build highways or increase the size of the roads in the city centers, meanwhile younger people will acquire private motor vehicles for their daily transportation.
In the present days, the  square meter used by a common vehicle that drives in Lima city is about 12 square meters per driver. Knowing that 75% of these people drive alone in their vehicles, 20% with another person and the remaining 5% with 2 or more companions. It is true to say that most of the time a person is occupying more space but not using this space efficiently. This implies that space can be reduced and can be better used, having a positive impact on traffic jam, by allowing more fluidity of vehicles per area. This is the idea behind Audi's new concept, launching the new e - R1 , an electric * auto rechargeable vehicle for two passengers. Focused on being a city vehicle, it challenges the traditional design by presenting a combination of exquisite sportive curves, commodity and quality of the brand. The economic environmental advantage of the vehicle has a fun sensation that brings a fast and practical car. The vehicle's interior is thought to bring amplitude and more comfort, with its panoramic roof and sufficient space inside to stretch out.


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