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Year 2012

ADIDAS  Ingredients

The new sunglasses for ADIDAS ORIGINALS is inspired by an “urban style”, bringing the brand into a more classic vision, relating it with an elegant and stylish life.
It is completely customizable and easy to assembly, so the user can change the parts at any time without tools or any help of technical support.

In this proposal the concept is focused on cities, so each proposal has his own unique "FLAVOR".
The user has the freedom to create his own combination at the moment of buying his sunglasses.


The package of the sunglasses will be sold in two differents cans, one for the main structure, and a smaller one for the legs.These cans were choosen to create the feeling of buying “food” , so the user can select his own “flavor” of city.

Project developed in SPD in collaboration with SILHOUETTE

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